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Professor Qwbli's
Knockin' Noggins BREAKOUT

7:30 - 9:30 PM

Time Zone: Central Time (US & Canada)

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ONE TIME OFFER: Bring a friend, family member or co-worker with you to maximize your fun! Besides, you will need a witness to all the shenanigans that may occur at Knockin’ Noggins™ BREAKOUT!


  • Knockin’ Noggins BREAKOUT

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    USD $10.00


Knockin' Noggins BREAKOUT

Knockin’ Noggins™ has a spin-off! We have taken the most dynamic, hi-octane, collaborative, fun aspects of Knockin’ Noggins™ (Breakout Rounds) to create a truly unique team-building/social gathering event!

Silly Question


People have been asking if #HASHTAG will be part of Knockin’ Noggins™ BREAKOUT. Our answer... OF COURSE IT WILL! Any round that has caused people to pee their pants is worth of Knockin’ Noggins™ BREAKOUT!

Bring your #HASHTAG for this pic to the event and our favorite will be rewarded!

In Knockin’ Noggins™ BREAKOUT players will compete in a series of challenges that will require: collaboration, effective communication, exercising your problem-solving skills, creativity & perseverance.

Our Happy Hour version of Knockin’ Noggins™ BREAKOUT may have you peeing your pants - seriously, it has happened before, TWICE!

d challenging endeavor that will help develop cognitive abilities, such as creativity and problem-solving.

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