Professor Qwbli's

Community Standards

We are an inclusive community of learners, parents and educators. Here are some guidelines that we ask our members to observe. Professor Qwbli's patrons who do not meet these guidelines will be removed from our services or locations. 

Professor Qwbli's Code of Conduct

  • Welcome members from all backgrounds, beliefs, and locations.
  • Listen to feedback from parents, teachers, and learners, and make changes accordingly.
  • Create and enforce policies to create a high-quality, trusted, and safe community for learning. 
  • Respond as promptly as possible to questions and issues that arise. 

Instructor Code of Conduct

  • Teach classes professionally.  
  • Respond promptly to parent questions and requests.
  • Communicate in a thoughtful manner, both in messages and in-class.
  • Create a welcoming space for learners and their families.

Learner Code of Conduct

  • Join class on time, with notebook/paper and pen and ready to learn.
  • Dress in a manner appropriate for class.
  • Treat the instructor and your classmates with respect.
  • Take responsibility for making each class a great learning experience for yourself and your classmates: participate, stay on topic, and avoid distractions. 
  • Contribute to a class environment that is welcoming for learners and teachers from all backgrounds, beliefs, and locations.
  • Keep your personal information private and don’t ask others to share personal information (e.g., email address, mailing address, phone number, gamer tags, etc.).

Parent Code of Conduct

  • Provide constructive feedback about your child’s class experience, for the benefit of the instructor and other parents.
  • Allow your child and your child’s classmates to learn independently by refraining from participating or interfering in classes.
  • Help to ensure your child has a stable, distraction-free space to participate in classes.
  • Engage in civil conversation, and speak and act with respect and courtesy.
  • Help keep Professor Qwbli's a safe space for learners, families, and teachers from all backgrounds, beliefs, and locations.  



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