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Professor Qwbli's

APRIL 10 - MAY 15
Saturdays 10:00 - 11:30 AM | Ages 7 - 14

Time Zone: Pacific Time (US & Canada)

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  • GIRLS ONLY Maker’s Lab

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Professor Qwbli


GIRLS ONLY Maker's Lab

All children need experiences that call upon their heads, hearts, and hands. Traditional rhetoric says that girls generally have more difficulty acquiring spatial thinking and reasoning skills than boys, but only due to the type of play they engage in as children. Since many STEAM fields rely heavily on spatial skills especially in advanced studies, this puts young women at a significant disadvantage compared to their male peers, so they say.

Regardless of whether this line of thought holds water, Professor Qwbli’s believes GIRLS RULE and believe exposure at a young age to activities that promote spatial thinking & reasoning skills can alleviate this perceived or real imbalance and attract more girls to STEAM studies. That is why we created Professor Qwbli’s Maker’s Lab, the first offering in our Beautifully Brilliant Series.

This hands-on, interdisciplinary approach to teaching & learning provides a meaningful context to develop confidence, creativity and interest in science, technology, engineering, math and art by providing a safe space to make, build, tinker and create - even virtually!


Cognitive Benefits

Here are some of the cognitive and developmental benefits to Trapped! inside Professor Qwbli's:

Increases Cognitive Processing Speed

Strengthens Problem-Solving skills

Enhances Cooperation

Strengthens Divided Attention

Strengthens Flexible Attention

Strengthens Visual

Auditory Sustained Attention

Develops Logic & Reasoning skills

Develops Planning & Sequencing skills

Enhances Social Skills

Develops Creativity

Develops Leadership skills

Increases Perseverance

Helps to develop Grit

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