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Professor Qwbli's
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April 1 - June 3
Thursdays 1:30 - 3:00/3:30 | Ages 7 - 14

Time Zone: Central Time (US & Canada)

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  • Young Inventor Workshop (Virtual)

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    USD $245.00


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Professor Qwbli


Young Inventor Workshop

The Young Inventor Workshop was designed to help students imagine, design, test, and create their board game inventions and to engage them in a positive, collaborative and challenging endeavor that will help develop cognitive abilities, such as creativity and problem-solving.


The excitement doesn’t stop there! Professor Qwbli's, through the Young Inventor Workshop, will then provide a means of taking the students’ inventions to even greater heights with professional critiques from our industry experts and the opportunity to show their work off to the public, toy industry and members of the press!

Who knows... you might see their creations at Target the next holiday season!

The Process


Each session students will work collaboratively online (ZOOM) with a team of peers and Professor Qwbli's instructors, award-winning game inventors and business mentors through our process of: DEFINING, BRAINSTORMING/IDEATION, PLANNING, PROTOTYPING, TESTING, leading up the LIVE BIG REVEAL SHOW, where students will create a video to pitch their games to their peers, teachers, parents, game representatives and world!

Course Schedule

Week One
Welcome Keynote, Team-Building & Introduction to the Qwbli Design Cycle

Week Two
Intro to the YIW Trello Board, Design Cycle Deep Dive, Defining our Goal, Brainstorm Session 1 & Team Assignments

Week Three
Brainstorm Session 2, Ideation, Intro to Prototyping, Team Session 2

Week Four
Team Session 3, Game Concept

Week Five
Team Session 4, Game Concept Presentations, Prototyping

Week Six
Team Session 5, Prototyping, Pitch Instructions

Week Seven
Team Session 6, Testing, Pitch Creation

Week Eight
Team Session 6, Testing, Pitch Creation

Week Nine
Team Session 7, Fine-tuning Pitch, Reveal Instructions

Week Ten
LIVE Reveal Show

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